Salzburg era

Mozart, Mannheim and the Weber family

Mannheim is an important stop on Mozart’s journey to Paris in 1777. Mannheim is the seat of one of the electors and also of a famous orchestra, which is lead by Christian Cannabich (1731-1798). Mozart remembers him well form his visit 14 years before. In Mannheim, Mozart falls in love with Aloysia Weber and stays almost five months.

The Weber family is also a music family. The father a singer and violinist, both daughters gifted singers – both to be famous few years later. Mozart dedicates them arias. Aloysia rejects Mozart in the end, and marries a top actor two years later.

1781 in Vienna, Mozart meets the family again, they have moved there with their daughters. This time, he looses his heart to Constanze, who he marries in 1782. Aloysia and Constanze both perform in many of Mozart’s operas and  concerts.

18 years after Mozart’s death, Constanze marries Georg Nikolaus Nissen, a danish diplomat. He is the first to produce a Mozart biography.

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Mozart in Mannheim